1.All repertoire must be performed by memory with no repeat.

2.Contestant can decide on the order of the pieces to perform.

3.Free choice can be shorter than the time restriction.

4. Duration of the performed pieces not including the duration of applause, walking on and coming off stage. Competitors can expect to be paused if stipulated
time limits are exceeded in their performance.

5. Contestant will be paused by the jury if the performance time exceed the time limit.

6. Two copies of the free choice piece must be provided at the time of the Check-in in April.
Contestants must use original copy of the music.

7. All performances may be recorded (audio & visual) and will be sole property of the organizer.

8. The organizer reserves the right to schedule performance order.

9. Contestants may rent a harp from the AIYHC committee or use your own instrument.

10. Contestants who miss the given performance time will be disqualified.

11. Competitors may not contact or speak with any member of the jury as long as they continue to participate in the competition.  Any violation of this rule may disqualify the competitor.

12. Decisions of the jury are final and may not be appealed.

13. In the event of any conflict between the Chinese and the English version, the Chinese
version shall prevail.

14. The organizer reserves the right to schedule jurors for any group without prior notice.

15. The organizer reserves the right to schedule the venue for any group without prior notice.

16. Deadline of the application is 30th March, 2022.  Any late application will not be
accepted. The organizer reserves the right to deny any application because of population restrictions.

17. Registration fee and harp rental fee is non-refundable.

18. Due to COVID-19, competition venues might be closed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Hong Kong Government. Competition might be arranged to online recording competition.

19. If the above situation happened, we will inform the contestants details about the online recording competition one week after the announcements by the Hong Kong Government. If the competition is arrange to online, harp rental fee will be refunded.

(Note 1) If Prof. Elzbieta Szmyt is not able to come to Hong Kong because of travel restrictions, the organizer reserves the right to schedule other jurors for any group without prior notice.

1. Ms Amy Tam
2. Ms Barbara Sze
3. Ms Peggy Houng
4. Ms Natalie Man
5. Ms Judy Ho
6. Ms Jennifer Ho
7. Ms Edith Pun
8. Ms Lise Vandersmissen
9. Ms Petite Chan
10. Professor Elzbieta Szmyt


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