The Asia International Youth Harp Competition aims to discover young talented harpists and inspire them to achieve higher levels of musicianship and artistry. Through multiple rounds, there will be an abundance of opportunities for each contestant to display their best for our jury panel.

Our judging panel is comprised of highly qualified harp professors as well as master- level harpists.

It’s our honour to have Prof. Elzbieta Szmyt (Chair of the Harp Department of Indiana University Jacob School of Music) as one of the member of our final round judging panel.

In order to fulfil our mission of nurturing the next generation of professional harpists, we are awarding the winner of the highest category of the competition a full scholarship to the 2022 Summer Harp Academy (USA). All contestants will receive a comprehensive, constructive evaluation of their performance from the judging panel. (click here for regulations)

Our primary goal is to make the Asia International Youth Harp Competition accessible to the harp community around the world. We are excited to welcome our applicants from many different cities and countries, showcasing an array of unique musicalities and technique. The competition will be a launching point for young harpists to experience music-making and detailed evaluation in a prestigious performance setting. The competition is open to all young harpists of any nationality.

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